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Providence artist Luna is a singer/songwriter who uses storytelling as a way to promote messages of self-acceptance and liberation to her audience.

With a background in musical theater, she strives to create new and exciting projects that are accessible to actors of all racial, cultural, and gender identities.


Released under the Wrock persona Luna (not) Lovegood, Songs of a Slytherin is Luna's most recent musical project. Complete with eight original songs, the Wizard Rock album incorporates pop, jazz, and theater elements while celebrating the Harry Potter fan experience.

A recent graduate from Berklee College of Music, Luna specializes in Musical Theater Writing and Performance. Since completing her studies she has focused heavily on voice lesson/workshop instruction, artist portfolio consultations, and writing for up-and-coming musicals. Luna is also an active YouTuber where she releases behind-the-scenes project content along with original spoken word poetry and musical covers.



Photo by Christian Tapia Hernandez

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