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Luna Abréu-Santana is a Dominican-American singer-songwriter and musical theater creative artist. Specializing in the development of new works, Luna strives to create innovative musical projects that are accessible to actors of all racial and cultural identities.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Luna studied Musical Theater Writing and Performance. There, she discovered her passion for the craft of writing for musical theater, both as a composer-lyricist and librettist.

Luna has since released various projects as an independent artist. Her debut project, Beauty Queen, is a touching visual album that incorporates music videos as a way to explore themes of childhood, cultural identity, and growing up. Her latest release, Songs of a Slytherin, is a Harry Potter themed Wizard Rock album that explores life through the lense of Luna (not) Lovegood, a Slytherin student at Hogwarts. Following the release, the complete album was performed at Chicago Worldcon in September 2022.

Most recently, Luna has worked as Assistant Director for Trinity Rep and Rhode Island Latino Arts' Teatro en el Verano program, in addition to serving alongside the Providence Singers as an Assistant Musical Director for InHarmony.

Luna continues to work as a composer/lyricist for A Million Aisles Away, a new musical comedy which had its second staged reading in Los Angeles in May 2023.

These days, you can find Luna sitting in front of her laptop, with an iced coffee, editing her next project.

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