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Newly released, Luna's Occlumency and Horcruxed Heart videos explore storytelling through visual media.


A mystical and magical experience, this two-part video series represent the world inside of Songs of a Slytherin.


In her final solo show before graduation, Luna performs a variety of both original and cover songs.


​Performed at Berklee College of Music's Berk Recital Hall, Luna uses her setlist to reflect on her time at university and begin her transition into the music industry full-time.


Combining both the holiday season and support for sickle cell survivors, Luna performs in her first holiday fundraiser concert.

Featuring popular Christmas songs, raffles, local artists, and original tunes, this fundraiser raised money for sickle cell fighter, Aimee Martinez. All proceeds from the show went to funding her bone marrow transplant surgery and the start of her recovery from this disease.

Aimee's bone marrow transfer and chemo went through successfully and she is now sickle cell free!


In her first solo show ever, Luna performs original songs from her visual album Beauty Queen.


Joined by a fourteen piece band and local rapper Young Sen, this concert shows Luna raw, real, and in her element. In what will be remembered as an emotional and exciting night, Beauty Queen Live proves to be just as beautiful in person as it is on screen.


An exciting and comical one woman show, Vamos Hablar Ingles is a wonderful take on the bi-cultural experience of being Dominican American.


Featuring classic Dominican songs and original spoken word poetry, Luna's storytelling abilities reach audience members of all backgrounds. Vamos Hablar Ingles is an honest take on the immigration, language barriers, and heritage.

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