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Book by Julia Newman
Music & Lyrics by Utsav Bhargava and Luna Abréu-Santana

A Million Aisles Away is a rollicking romantic musical comedy about Miles, a lonely and awkward florist who works at the comically large superstore, “Pennsylvania’s Largest Emporium.” Miles is heartbroken when his co-worker and crush, Hope, is transferred to a new aisle by the authoritarian store manager (and her mother), The General. Motivated to confess his feelings, he decides to journey across the store on Black Friday, the busiest night of the year. Miles and his sardonic next-aisle-neighbor Emerald travel through the aisles, meeting hilarious store employees and ravenous customers all while The General hunts them down. In the end, Miles discovers the true meaning of love, self-acceptance, and adventure.

Team Aisles | Staged Reading | Santa Monica Playhouse 


La Luz Verde

Adapted by Catia
Directed by Kufa Castro

Assistant direction by Luna Abréu-Santana

La Luz Verde is The Great Gatsby, the iconic American Dream story, torn open and marinated. You know Daisy, Myrtle, you know Nick, and perhaps you think you’ve figured out Gatsby. ¿Pero conoces a Flor, Maribel, Nicolás, y a el Gato que vive embrujado por la luz verde? From poor and in love to obsessive and rich, watch as the characters from La Luz Verde find El Gran Sueño Americano, and face the big question, “How far will you go to get what you want?”  

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.44_edited.png


Book & lYRICS by Kathleen Cahill
Music by michael Wartofsky

LATE is a coming-of-age story, seen in the contemporary light of a school shooting. In a theatrical style reminiscent of Our Town, a group of teens return to school for the first time since “that day.”  A collective amnesia seems to possess them, until a student leader, BILLIE, sparks their memories of their last day together.  They begin to re-enact the rush of an ordinary school day in all of its ordinary complexity, from friendships and first love to plagiarism and drug use. But the recollection of that day inevitably leads to the memory of the catastrophe that ended it.  As their voices unite, the teenagers challenge all of us to speak up for the children lost to gun violence.

Cast of Late | Boston New Works Festival | Moonbox Productions

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